Friday, November 18, 2011

Well, saw other gals doing this, so I thought I shud!

Name: Jax Heath... ie Hii-ChuLocation: United StatesOccupation: photographer/photo editorHeight: 5'1.5Hair/Eyes: changes, dark brownBirthday: April 8
Shoe size: US 7
Favorite animal/s: jelly fish, foxes, cats
First discovery of gyaru:

 I don't even remember, I have known about the style for as long a sI have known any Japanese style, but I hadn't gotten into the history and subcategories and the what not until a few years back... and still I didn't even try out the style cus i was too scared(i looked at gal secrets once and was scared for yrs out of doing it)

Your Gyaru Style: 

1) Amekaji
2) Tsuyome
3) Saike

Your Top 5 Gyaru Model Inspirations:

1) Kanako Kawabata
2) Buriteri (out of date but idgaf)
3) Kaoru Watanabe
4) Hiromi Imaizumi
5) Aina Tanaka

Your Top 5 Gyaru Non-model Inspirations:

1) Nachu
2) Yumi
3) Morimayu
4) ?
5) ?

Your 3 Favorite Gyaru Magazines:

1) EGG
2) Ranzuki

The Top 6 Gyaru Brands you like best:

1) Cocolulu
2) Galaxxxy
3) Alba Rosa
4) Marple Q
5) JSG
6) Blue Moon Blue

Your 5 Favorite Fashion Items That You Own:

1) 100+ pair of eye lashes
2) My very first brand item: a Co&lu cheer bag
3) My HUGE collection of make
4) Fake hair fo lyfe!
5) All my Cocolulu jewlery

Top 10 Gyaru Fashion Goals:

1) Lose weight (not to the point of a bean pole, but enough to fit into everything I want to)
2) Buy more bottom lashes (mine get fucked up too quickly to keep)
3) Buy more brand
4) Find more brands to fall in love with
5) Buy more shoes (I'm lacking in cool shoes)
6) Explore more with different styles
7) Slowly become more manba
8) TAN
9) TAN MORE!!!

Top 5 Gyaru Achievements:

1) Actually dressing the way I want
2) Designating my looks (gal type)
3) Buying my first piece of brand
4) Having others recognize me a gal
5) Making gal friends (LUV YEW BITCHES!)

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