Friday, November 18, 2011

I was asked to post a few pictures of myself. I will admit, I'm not as much as a cam whore as most gals seem to be(just a personal observation)... but I will TRY to keep up to date with cords, make, and hair 

My very first attempt at gal make and hair [ignore the outfit, didn't even try]:
~~damn I needed to bleach dem brows and MUST TAN!!! EW~~

After a bit more research about gal, it's style, and it's history, I decided that by far I ADORE the old school gal the most. Their attitude isn't too serious, they are wild, they are fucking sexy, and most of all they looked like they were having the time of their damned lives being damned fabulous, not giving a single damn!! JUST DAMN, THEY COOL!:
~~herp derp derp... at least my brows r bleached, and got a tan?!~~

~~JUST recently found this pic... wow, I was close eh?~~

Now my attempts at different styles so I cud pin point which I felt most comfortable with:

~~Bohemian Gyaru~~

~~Mode Gyaru~~

~~Saike/Psyche Gyaru~~

~~B Gyaru~~

~~Manba~~ (light version)

~~Rokku Gyaru~~

~~ I don't even know wtf I was going for here! BUT I LOVED IT!!~~
(das mah girl Ophie)

~~Again, idk what I was doing, just liked the look.~~

Ok, so this leads me to where I am today!! I realized that all the looks I truly loved to look at where from EGG, and the brands I happened to love where 1)Alba Rosa and 2)Cocolulu (of corse I like a lot more, just those two I fell in love with, dey my babies) <3 
So with that said, I decided I was going to dedicate m wardrobe to being a bit more of a brand whore, and stock up on Co&Lu goods (they are trickling in slowly), so I'm currently stuck on Amekaji:
~~My nago sa member Nami and I at a meet up~~

~~Just thought I wud throw this in here >;3 ~~

~~My buddy and I looking sexy as all hell (him especially)~~

~~ I REALLY shud start taking pics of my cords... decent pics~~

 ~~My nago sa went to kareoke, this is just right outside~~

~~I make the most retarded faces ever... but I can't help it!~~
(my hair looks super thin >:( DISLIKE)

 ~~My nago sa member Yukarin and I~~
(no bottom lashes buuu ;--;.  ew, need more lipstick)

 ~~On de bed rokkuing it out >;) tehe~~

~~Flat hair is flat~~

Ok... that is all (for now) with my gyaru style history... long post is long.

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