Tuesday, November 22, 2011


So, I went to a beauty supply store and kind of went ape shit buying up everything I saw. I also noticed I bought things that grouped relatively well together


1) a set of clear glue on nails
2) 2 different grades of nail files
3) a HUGE bottle of top coat
4) 2 jars of crystal flak nail art
5) jumbo nail clipers
6) black nail design nail polish
7) white nail design nail polish


1) Aragon oil protective hair mask (LOVE THIS SHIT)
2) Olive oil hair treatment
5) 4 packs of Ion reconstructive hair treatment


1) After sun moisturizing gel
2) mint lip gloss
3) 2 mint chap stick (anything mint flavored is my fav)
4) pink berry blush
5) super duper cute tweezers!


 1) silver metallic nail art stickers
2) beach themed nail art stickers


1) a CUTE medium sized bag with a big ol bow <3

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