Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I'm a little behind...

On my cords, make, hair and shit that's been going down in my life lately @__@ SO MUCH AS HAPPENED IN THE FEW MONTHS I'VE BEEN AWAY!!

Well, I'll start with one of the most recent things that happened to me recently... or rather I happened to it! lol

I went to Naka-Kon 2012. I have been going since maybe... errr 7 years now? 6 years? >.< I can't keep track anymore. meh.

ANYWAYS >.> ... I hung out with a bunch of old friends from KC that I haven't seen in over a year and a half... if not more! (I used to live there for a few years, but moved back here after school)

Also, I made friends with a whole gaggle of lolitas. I hung out with them for the majority of the con.
Admittedly, when my friend that I stayed with told me all her friends were lolita, I was a little apprehensive to meet them. With all the hatred lolita and gyaru seem to have for each other on forums and what not, I figured I wouldn't be welcomed ;^; </3
BUT, thankfully that couldn't be farther from the truth! At first I think they didn't know what to make of me, but they seemed to warm up to me soon enough.

Below are a few pics!!! :

Yuka & I were having a seriously obnoxious time posing for pics... I think the person in the background wins for silliest face though >;3

At this point, my mori were a total loss ;____;  wat a mess my hair is... at least Yuka is cute.

We were being cam whores... too bad I don't have pics of when my hair wasn't flat =___=

2 blurry as fuck photos of part of my cord for the second day... Yuka bombs!

2 of the lolitas I made friends w/ <3 Again w/ the derp faces... We sexy bitches.

The girl on the right is Gemma, the person who let me bum at her house for the weekend.

First night w/ Yaya Han... I'm looking a bit derpy, but I was excited to get a pic w/ her!!

 This was our ugly face contest... Who do you think won??

These ppl where the coolest ppl there hands down... well, besides us of corse! >;3

Ok, one final pic of us looking cute... awwws <3

As yall can probably tell, we didn't do much except bum around and look fabulous. 

But Saturday night I got called a floozy though >.> A person walking by in the halls shouted "OMG! Hey look a floozy!!! Hey there floozy!!"

Jax, the floozy @_@

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


~~With a little push from my friends, I've decided to post again. ~~
Even though I doubt many will look at what I do post, I NEED a place to talk about gal, and about girly things in general for most of my friend don't understand ;___; meh.

I wud like to think a lot has changed in a few months... Including one thing I'm extremely proud of, which is loosing 30 pounds!!!

oh well hello there hourglass O___O unf
(I wish I knew how to rotate pics w/o photoshop)

I am still big, and am still working on myself, but I am so happy with how far I have come!!! Soon enough I'll be fitting into all my favorite brand perfectly!!!!! Just thinking about that makes me want to work harder.
I'm working so hard to become the best gyaru I can be... It's def gonna pay off in the end!!

Also, if anyone has questions about my weight loss and how I lost so much in only a month, ask away! I wud love to help!!! <3 <3 <3

What does "Hii-Chu" mean?

My name is Jax Heath. In romanji it would be Jakusu Hiisu. 

My friend told me most gals have different names from thier actual names in the community that their gal pals gave them. So I sat there and realized, ... I don't have a cute name ;^; WTF PALS?!
And my friend just looked at me and said, "Well, then you could be Hii-Chu... Isn't that cute?!"

And thus, my name was born.

interesting shit eh?? >.>

Jax Heath= Jakusu Hiisu= Hii-Chu?