Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I'm a little behind...

On my cords, make, hair and shit that's been going down in my life lately @__@ SO MUCH AS HAPPENED IN THE FEW MONTHS I'VE BEEN AWAY!!

Well, I'll start with one of the most recent things that happened to me recently... or rather I happened to it! lol

I went to Naka-Kon 2012. I have been going since maybe... errr 7 years now? 6 years? >.< I can't keep track anymore. meh.

ANYWAYS >.> ... I hung out with a bunch of old friends from KC that I haven't seen in over a year and a half... if not more! (I used to live there for a few years, but moved back here after school)

Also, I made friends with a whole gaggle of lolitas. I hung out with them for the majority of the con.
Admittedly, when my friend that I stayed with told me all her friends were lolita, I was a little apprehensive to meet them. With all the hatred lolita and gyaru seem to have for each other on forums and what not, I figured I wouldn't be welcomed ;^; </3
BUT, thankfully that couldn't be farther from the truth! At first I think they didn't know what to make of me, but they seemed to warm up to me soon enough.

Below are a few pics!!! :

Yuka & I were having a seriously obnoxious time posing for pics... I think the person in the background wins for silliest face though >;3

At this point, my mori were a total loss ;____;  wat a mess my hair is... at least Yuka is cute.

We were being cam whores... too bad I don't have pics of when my hair wasn't flat =___=

2 blurry as fuck photos of part of my cord for the second day... Yuka bombs!

2 of the lolitas I made friends w/ <3 Again w/ the derp faces... We sexy bitches.

The girl on the right is Gemma, the person who let me bum at her house for the weekend.

First night w/ Yaya Han... I'm looking a bit derpy, but I was excited to get a pic w/ her!!

 This was our ugly face contest... Who do you think won??

These ppl where the coolest ppl there hands down... well, besides us of corse! >;3

Ok, one final pic of us looking cute... awwws <3

As yall can probably tell, we didn't do much except bum around and look fabulous. 

But Saturday night I got called a floozy though >.> A person walking by in the halls shouted "OMG! Hey look a floozy!!! Hey there floozy!!"

Jax, the floozy @_@

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