Tuesday, November 22, 2011


So, I went to a beauty supply store and kind of went ape shit buying up everything I saw. I also noticed I bought things that grouped relatively well together


1) a set of clear glue on nails
2) 2 different grades of nail files
3) a HUGE bottle of top coat
4) 2 jars of crystal flak nail art
5) jumbo nail clipers
6) black nail design nail polish
7) white nail design nail polish


1) Aragon oil protective hair mask (LOVE THIS SHIT)
2) Olive oil hair treatment
5) 4 packs of Ion reconstructive hair treatment


1) After sun moisturizing gel
2) mint lip gloss
3) 2 mint chap stick (anything mint flavored is my fav)
4) pink berry blush
5) super duper cute tweezers!


 1) silver metallic nail art stickers
2) beach themed nail art stickers


1) a CUTE medium sized bag with a big ol bow <3

Friday, November 18, 2011

Well, saw other gals doing this, so I thought I shud!

Name: Jax Heath... ie Hii-ChuLocation: United StatesOccupation: photographer/photo editorHeight: 5'1.5Hair/Eyes: changes, dark brownBirthday: April 8
Shoe size: US 7
Favorite animal/s: jelly fish, foxes, cats
First discovery of gyaru:

 I don't even remember, I have known about the style for as long a sI have known any Japanese style, but I hadn't gotten into the history and subcategories and the what not until a few years back... and still I didn't even try out the style cus i was too scared(i looked at gal secrets once and was scared for yrs out of doing it)

Your Gyaru Style: 

1) Amekaji
2) Tsuyome
3) Saike

Your Top 5 Gyaru Model Inspirations:

1) Kanako Kawabata
2) Buriteri (out of date but idgaf)
3) Kaoru Watanabe
4) Hiromi Imaizumi
5) Aina Tanaka

Your Top 5 Gyaru Non-model Inspirations:

1) Nachu
2) Yumi
3) Morimayu
4) ?
5) ?

Your 3 Favorite Gyaru Magazines:

1) EGG
2) Ranzuki

The Top 6 Gyaru Brands you like best:

1) Cocolulu
2) Galaxxxy
3) Alba Rosa
4) Marple Q
5) JSG
6) Blue Moon Blue

Your 5 Favorite Fashion Items That You Own:

1) 100+ pair of eye lashes
2) My very first brand item: a Co&lu cheer bag
3) My HUGE collection of make
4) Fake hair fo lyfe!
5) All my Cocolulu jewlery

Top 10 Gyaru Fashion Goals:

1) Lose weight (not to the point of a bean pole, but enough to fit into everything I want to)
2) Buy more bottom lashes (mine get fucked up too quickly to keep)
3) Buy more brand
4) Find more brands to fall in love with
5) Buy more shoes (I'm lacking in cool shoes)
6) Explore more with different styles
7) Slowly become more manba
8) TAN
9) TAN MORE!!!

Top 5 Gyaru Achievements:

1) Actually dressing the way I want
2) Designating my looks (gal type)
3) Buying my first piece of brand
4) Having others recognize me a gal
5) Making gal friends (LUV YEW BITCHES!)

I was asked to post a few pictures of myself. I will admit, I'm not as much as a cam whore as most gals seem to be(just a personal observation)... but I will TRY to keep up to date with cords, make, and hair 

My very first attempt at gal make and hair [ignore the outfit, didn't even try]:
~~damn I needed to bleach dem brows and MUST TAN!!! EW~~

After a bit more research about gal, it's style, and it's history, I decided that by far I ADORE the old school gal the most. Their attitude isn't too serious, they are wild, they are fucking sexy, and most of all they looked like they were having the time of their damned lives being damned fabulous, not giving a single damn!! JUST DAMN, THEY COOL!:
~~herp derp derp... at least my brows r bleached, and got a tan?!~~

~~JUST recently found this pic... wow, I was close eh?~~

Now my attempts at different styles so I cud pin point which I felt most comfortable with:

~~Bohemian Gyaru~~

~~Mode Gyaru~~

~~Saike/Psyche Gyaru~~

~~B Gyaru~~

~~Manba~~ (light version)

~~Rokku Gyaru~~

~~ I don't even know wtf I was going for here! BUT I LOVED IT!!~~
(das mah girl Ophie)

~~Again, idk what I was doing, just liked the look.~~

Ok, so this leads me to where I am today!! I realized that all the looks I truly loved to look at where from EGG, and the brands I happened to love where 1)Alba Rosa and 2)Cocolulu (of corse I like a lot more, just those two I fell in love with, dey my babies) <3 
So with that said, I decided I was going to dedicate m wardrobe to being a bit more of a brand whore, and stock up on Co&Lu goods (they are trickling in slowly), so I'm currently stuck on Amekaji:
~~My nago sa member Nami and I at a meet up~~

~~Just thought I wud throw this in here >;3 ~~

~~My buddy and I looking sexy as all hell (him especially)~~

~~ I REALLY shud start taking pics of my cords... decent pics~~

 ~~My nago sa went to kareoke, this is just right outside~~

~~I make the most retarded faces ever... but I can't help it!~~
(my hair looks super thin >:( DISLIKE)

 ~~My nago sa member Yukarin and I~~
(no bottom lashes buuu ;--;.  ew, need more lipstick)

 ~~On de bed rokkuing it out >;) tehe~~

~~Flat hair is flat~~

Ok... that is all (for now) with my gyaru style history... long post is long.

The lack of cute phones in the US

Why are ALL the phones available super ugly? I happen to be on a sprint plan, and only one phone semi interests me currently... the Sanyo Innuendo:

I of corse will deco the fuck out of it. I hate how shiney it is. I'm sure I'll go all ocd on it and obsessively try to clean the smudges of the front touch screen.
~I just bought a TON of new deco for my new phone (wether it's this on or another)~

Does anyone know of cute phones in the US?? If so, PLEASE tell me!! I must know! <3

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Pinkyparadise lenses order

After using my old lenses to death (one pair ripped, another dried up, another I lost, and another got super scratched somehow), I decided I needed some new, and most definitely improved, ones to complete my gal  make (and look all together)!!

I forgot how expensive decent lenses can be!!! So I did a little research to find good deals, and good reviews,  on online markets in which I can buy new lenses from. One of the sites that stuck out for me was pinkyparadise.com . This site looked particularly professional with a multitude of lenses styles, shapes, and colors. They had some of the newest lenses and seemed to stay up to date on everything they sold. They didn't just sell lenses, but also sold quite a large amount of various asian products (their brand lashes being a particular favorite of mine). Not only were they stocked on everything you could ask for lenses wise, their prices were some of the best I found. Sooo... i kind of went apeshit and bought 4 different types of lenses (after HOURS of researching each and every brand and color).

~Geo Blue Wing

~Super Neon Pink 

~Geo Twin Series YH-301 

~Barbie Eye Super Nudy Grey 

Along with my lenses, I got a bunch of extra things by typing in a few secret codes!!! I also received 3 eyelid patches, 2 velcro hair holders, and 4 animal contact holders!! 

Reviews, pictures, and whatever else I can think off to add will come soon! <3