Thursday, November 17, 2011

Pinkyparadise lenses order

After using my old lenses to death (one pair ripped, another dried up, another I lost, and another got super scratched somehow), I decided I needed some new, and most definitely improved, ones to complete my gal  make (and look all together)!!

I forgot how expensive decent lenses can be!!! So I did a little research to find good deals, and good reviews,  on online markets in which I can buy new lenses from. One of the sites that stuck out for me was . This site looked particularly professional with a multitude of lenses styles, shapes, and colors. They had some of the newest lenses and seemed to stay up to date on everything they sold. They didn't just sell lenses, but also sold quite a large amount of various asian products (their brand lashes being a particular favorite of mine). Not only were they stocked on everything you could ask for lenses wise, their prices were some of the best I found. Sooo... i kind of went apeshit and bought 4 different types of lenses (after HOURS of researching each and every brand and color).

~Geo Blue Wing

~Super Neon Pink 

~Geo Twin Series YH-301 

~Barbie Eye Super Nudy Grey 

Along with my lenses, I got a bunch of extra things by typing in a few secret codes!!! I also received 3 eyelid patches, 2 velcro hair holders, and 4 animal contact holders!! 

Reviews, pictures, and whatever else I can think off to add will come soon! <3

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